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At this time, Zoe is taking a break from making dresses so that she can finish up school and focus on her studies.  Please stop by for updates and to follow Zoe as she continues to get invited to speak around the world. 


 Zoe is also available for speaking engagements and has been featured on Oprah’s Angel Network, The Tyra Banks Show, Seventeen Magazine, C-SPAN.  She also has worked with President Obama on the Start Up America initiative.  She is also a guest speaker at the SALT conference alongside President Clinton, President Bush, Mitt Romney, Colin Powell, Al Gore & Sarah Palin.  She is a triple major at Northwestern University.


APRIL 2014- Check out Zoe on BET! 
MARCH 2014 - The Year of Living Entrepreneurially
Article on www.ey.com
JUNE 2013-  This month Zoe is on her way to Intern in the big NYC.  Check out her FaceBook page for some inside pics of new designs!
MAY 2013

Zoe at TEDxMidwest May 2013- Check out her video!
Zoe Damacela on how she went from homeless to high fashion
Zoe Damacela on how she went from homeless to high fashion

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