Dell Technical Support was Friendly and Very Helpful

My experience with Dell Tech Support

It happened to me last Friday. Yes, my computer crashed and I lost everything. My Windows XP refused to boot and I had no clue what to do.
So here I was 8pm on Friday looking for answers. My husband called 411 and got Dell customer service number for me. I had no clue where my paperwork from my computer was or if I had any type of warranty or if they would even help me for free.

I got through to the technical support and had to wait about 10 minutes to get an actual person to speak to. He had quite heavy accent but was very polite and after repeating my customer code which is right on the hard drive he quickly told me that I would loose everything if he can try to reboot my computer.

We tried several times but nothing worked. I would have to find my Windows XP CD that came with my computer and install it again.

He gave me very thorough instructions how to do it and even his extension code were I could reach him later if I had a problem.

Next day I installed my Windows without a problem. But now I could not connect online with my cable modem. I called to my cable company (they took MUCH longer to answer than DELL!) and quickly found out that I was missing some drivers needed to connect.

So here I was calling Dell again. I got through quicker and found out that I should have another CD with all those needed drivers. Well, I admit that I am not the most organized person so I could not find it no matter where I looked, we’ve moved several times since I bought this computer.

Technical support told me that I could go online on someone else’s computer and copy the needed drivers to a disc and then install them to my computer from

This is what I did. First I only copied the “most important” drivers list but that did not work. I went back to my friend and now copied all the networking drivers and after installing them to my computer I was able to connect online without a problem.

I was actually surprised about the friendliness off the support and how I got a personal extension to get through faster for the second time. And I am glad my computer is up and running again and I am still one happy Dell customer! My next computer will also be Dell, no doubt!