PhotoShare Digital Photo Album – New Tech Product Review

This is a review of PhotoCo’s new PhotoShare digital photo album…
The PhotoShare digital photo album is advertised as ‘the photo album of the future…here today’. Here’s the run-down on this new product.

The PhotoShare is a fully portable digital photo display album. Imagine the convenience of a computer slide show, sized to fit in your pocket or purse. The PhotoShare would make a great gift for someone that you know isn’t too technically savvy, but would still enjoy viewing the digital pictures that other people have taken.

There are actually two PhotoShare albums. The units come with different screen sizes. One is 7-inches, and the other is 2.4-inches. Each model includes a frame that you can slide the frame into if you want to set it up on a desk or shelf for display. But the frame is just decorative; the unit runs without it. For portability, you probably won’t use the frame, but it’s nice to have something to set it in while you’re at home.

The 7-inch model has a suggested retail price of $99, while the 2.4-inch screen model has a MSRP of just $59. Both models are lightweight, with high-resolution TFT LCD screens. The units play alone, or can be hooked up to a television for a larger display.

The PhotoShare has just a few control buttons on the front. They’re intuitive, so you can hand your PhotoShare unit to friends without having to go through a lot of technical mumbo-jumbo before they can use it. Simply scroll through the available pictures one by one, or start the slide show to see them all.

The PhotoShare displays both still images and AVI format movies. You can display a single photo, or run a slide show of a group of pictures. They can be displayed as thumbnails, full screen, or zoom views. There’s no limit to the number of pictures the PhotoShare could display, because you can always swap out the memory stick for the next group of pictures.

The PhotoShare comes with a detachable AC adapter to power the display for extended periods. It can also run on batteries, (including the rechargeable kind), making it fully portable.

You can download photos to the PhotoShare directly from your computer, with no extra software needed. You can also insert a memory stick directly into the PhotoShare. Since your memory stick can go directly from a digital camera to the PhotoShare, you actually don’t even need a computer to display your photos.

The PhotoShare comes with a one year warranty from the manufacturer. It’s available online at, and at Wal-Mart stores nation-wide.

Optional accessories for the PhotoShare include leather carrying cases by Samsonite, and several different frames, so that you can choose to use your PhotoShare as a standing display in your home or office. There is also an optional rechargeable battery-pack available for the PhotoShare.

The PhotoShare is a good value if you’re looking for a basic photo display album for your digital pictures. For less than a hundred dollars, you can display every digital picture you take, even if you don’t own a computer. This is much more convenient than trying to play back photos on the tiny screen on the back of your digital camera!