People have been asking me tons of questions about fashion, modeling, and how to get started in these industries.  So I started my own Q & A show! Send me your questions today and you could be featured on my show!

Question #1.- "How did you get started in designing clothes?" Submitted by Jessie of Miami, Fl.

Question #2.- "Do I make clothes for women that are 50 years old and up?" Submitted by Clementina of Cali.


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  • Hana Kim (Monday, December 03 12 06:11 pm EST)

    What your inspiration to become a fashion designer?

  • Diana Soto (Saturday, September 15 12 07:56 pm EDT)

    How did you get started money wise? (start-up costs)

  • Izabelle (Saturday, April 21 12 11:41 am EDT)

    How do you draw the mannequins for your sketches? Theyre perfect:)

  • Wynter Botten (Thursday, March 29 12 04:16 pm EDT)


  • Alex (Wednesday, March 21 12 08:11 pm EDT)

    How many outfits do you make in a week

  • Wes Gretkowski (Wednesday, March 21 12 09:56 am EDT)

    Hi I asked you about a proposed mens line. I was wondering that if you do end up creating a mens line if I could model for you. I am very confident and comfortable in my own skin. My friends would also like the opportunity to model for your exceptional clothing lines.

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  • Jonnae (Thursday, January 19 12 09:42 pm EST)

    What advice can u give young people like me who want to enter the world of fashion??

  • Maggie (Wednesday, November 16 11 09:32 pm EST)

    How did you learn to sew and design the clothing? (:

  • essence nelson (Thursday, October 20 11 08:12 pm EDT)

    hey zoe i want to be a fashion designer and you inspire me so much.

  • Maegan Cull (Thursday, October 20 11 02:26 pm EDT)

    YOU are very inspiringgg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    :) <3

  • Yuly Carcamo (Thursday, October 20 11 12:59 pm EDT)

    "why did you choose to go to the university that you go to now? was there any other universities you could choose from?

  • Kayla Kleinfeldt (Thursday, October 20 11 12:58 pm EDT)

    "Why did you choose to design dresses and tops and not jeans or shorts/pants?" Written by Kayla!!! <3

  • sharrona (Thursday, October 13 11 04:36 pm EDT)

    I just wanted to tell you that i voted for u for the pretty amazing contest and from the start i knew you was going to win. i love your ambition and i want to buy your clothing! keep up the good work!!


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Zoe Damacela on how she went from homeless to high fashion

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